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Need to request Sacramental Records?

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What is Baptism?

Our parish family rejoices in the birth of your children, and we applaud you for participating with God in bringing new Life into His World! It is a sign that we are growing in numbers, holiness, and reverence.


Baptism is the gateway to the rest of the Sacraments of the Church. It is the first of the Initiation Sacraments. As such, ensuring that families are properly disposed to introduce their child(ren) to a Sacramental Life is of primary importance.

What is the Baptismal process in our parish?

Requesting that your baby be Baptized here is about your family joining our parish family. It's not just a one-time event. Parents wishing to have their child(ren) Baptized here, must be registered, regularly attend Mass, and actively support the parish (either with Envelopes or Faith Direct). Anonymous contributions are not verifiable, so it is strongly recommended that you obtain and use Church Envelopes or register for electronic giving with Faith Direct. Once accomplished, you may contact the Parish Office to schedule Baptism within the Parish Schedule of Dates. Individual, ‘private’ Baptism dates cannot be accommodated.

Baptism FAQs

Q 1.

What is needed to request a Baptism date?

In order for the date to be requested and then confirmed, you must be a currently registered parishioner who is actively practicing their faith on Sundays and Holy Days, and providing Parish support via pre-printed parish envelopes or via on-line giving via Faith Direct.

  • You must then submit the Baptism Request Form

  • You must submit a copy of the Child's birth certificate

  • You must submit at least one original church sealed sponsor form.  If the sponsor is from Ss Peter and Paul, they must complete the Sponsor Request Form found on our website.  If they are from another Parish, they must ask for a Sponsor Certificate or Letter of Good Standing.  We do not require their sacramental records.  

  • You must acknowledge and complete the Baptism Prep Packet.

Q 2.

How do I know if my Baptism date is approved?

As listed on the Baptism website, the baptism request form, and the email we send, the date is only confirmed once all requirements are complete, all documents are submitted, AND you receive an official confirmation letter from the church.  Until then, the date is held as tentative.

Q 3.

Do we need to have two sponsors?

No, you are not required to have two sponsors.  You must have at least one Catholic Sponsor who can obtain a Sponsor Certificate / Letter of Good Standing from his / her home parish where they are currently practicing their faith.  If you have two sponsors, one must be male and the other female.

Q 4.

What happens if my intended sponsor cannot attend due to travel restrictions?

If the Sponsor cannot attend, he / she can be represented via Proxy.  The proxy would have to be Catholic and be in good standing with his / her parish.  For our records, we will require the Proxy's full name as well as the name and contact information of the church where they currently practice their faith.  Note, although the official sponsor cannot attend in person, he / she must still submit the proper paperwork.

Q 5.

Is the baptism a full Mass?

No, it is only a ceremony, lasting approximately 60min.

Q 6.

What time do the Baptisms begin?

As stated on our website, all Baptisms occur on Saturday mornings at 11:30am unless otherwise noted.

Q 7.

Is this a private Baptism just for my family?

No, this is not a private Baptism.  You will be sharing the date with several other families.

Q 8.

Can I schedule a private Baptism?

Baptisms at Ss Peter and Paul are celebrated as a community event.  Due to the church schedule and the requirements during certain Liturgical Seasons, Baptisms are celebrated with groups of babies, within a particular schedule of dates during certain months.

Q 9.

Is the child permitted to have their bottle during the ceremony?

The child may have anything that makes him / her comfortable – ie:  baby bottle, pacifier or favorite stuffed animal.

Q 10.

Is there parking?

There is not a Parish Parking Lot.  The staff  lot is very small and  it is first come first served, if available.  You should investigate street parking or in a municipal lot up the street

Q 11.

 Is the church wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, the church is not currently wheelchair accessible.

Q 12.

May I take pictures during the Baptism?

Yes, you may take pictures from your seat.  No one is allowed in the Sanctuary during the ceremony - no exceptions.  You may take pictures at the font when it is your turn.  You may stay after the ceremony to take pictures as well.  Please advise your family, friends, and photographers accordingly. We suggest any professional photographers sit with you in your designated row.

Q 13.

Will the Baptism be live streamed?

No, Baptisms are not live streamed.

Q 14.

Are there any COVID Restrictions?

Currently, there are no COVID restrictions.  

Q 15.

Who do I contact at the office with any Baptism questions / concerns?

The Baptism Ministry contact is:


Stephanie Panzariello

Tel:  201-659-2276

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