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For further details about the Wedding preparation and date scheduling process, please contact Gina Andreano at the Parish Office.

No couple seeking to have their Wedding in the Catholic Church should make any commitments of Date (for Reception Hall or other Wedding-related celebrations), before first checking the availability of the Church, and being able to commit to accomplish all of the requirements of Marriage preparation in the Catholic Church. 
The Church and Her Priests have schedules and commitments, too, and there are particular times of the Liturgical Year when Weddings are not celebrated, or dates not available due to a variety of reasons (other Weddings already scheduled, other Liturgies or Sacraments being celebrated, preparation of and scheduled activities in the Church for various Liturgical Seasons, etc.). Consequently, couples must always consult with the Parish Office first. All too often, couples have come to us with an already 'committed' Wedding Date (having made arrangements with a Reception Hall, etc.), only to find that their Date could not be accommodated in the Church. At such times of conflict, it is not our doing that they then find themselves in a situation without a Church in which to be married. Unfortunately, an immediate reaction is to 'blame' the Church and Parish Staff. We won't accept any such blame, nor any disrespect of our Parish Staff, be it for the scheduling of Weddings, or any of the other Sacraments. Regarding the Sacramental Life of Catholics, the Church celebration must take a priority over other arrangements. 

Getting Married in Another Parish

This form must be completed by any couple seeking permission from our Pastor to be married at a Catholic Church other than Ss Peter and Paul.
Please note that Ss Peter and Paul will only be able to send letters of permission on behalf of those who are registered (for at least 3 months) and known to the parish, actively participate in its life, including regular mass attendance and support Ss Peter and Paul with envelopes or Faith Direct. Anonymous parishioners and donors cannot be verified.

Please be sure to complete and return this form to the parish office at: Ss Peter and Paul Church, 404 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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