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Wedding Policies at SPP

Here are some helpful pieces of information which should assist you in preparing to celebrate your sacrament of marriage at Ss Peter and Paul. Our weekend wedding schedule is as follows:

Fridays afternoon weddings are scheduled for 3pm only

Saturdays afternoon weddings are scheduled for 1pm OR 2pm only;

Sunday afternoon weddings are scheduled for 2pm only;

No weddings are scheduled on any holiday weekends, civil or religious.

No weddings are scheduled during Lent or Advent. 

  • Rehearsals are booked around events already scheduled in the church. We have a first come first served policy. 
  • The Parish does not have parking facilities. There are pay parking lots on Hudson Street. Many couples have been renting buses or vans for their guests in order to make traveling easier. It is strongly recommended that you contact the City of Hoboken Parking Authority for parking regulations and options.
  • The night before your wedding we will attempt to reserve the front of the church for limousines. Again, it is strongly recommended that you contact the City of Hoboken Parking Authority for parking regulations and options.
  • Some seasons in particular, it can be a challenge coming into or leaving Hoboken. Please take this into consideration and make every effort to be on time for both the rehearsal and wedding. There are always other events scheduled in the church and tardiness disrupts the other scheduled events.
  • A wedding ceremony that begins late, for any reason, may be reduced in time with portions of the ceremony omitted. This is at the discretion of the celebrant and/or pastor. We ask that the groom arrive at the Church a half hour before the wedding begins and the bride should be somewhere on Church property at least 15 minutes before so as to ensure beginning the ceremony on time. Please be sure to share this with all vendors, photographers, limousine drivers, videographers, etc.
  • Photographers and videographers are welcome in our church during the ceremony. We ask, however, that they not be a distraction from the ceremony. All will be instructed to observe the reverence, solemnity and sacredness of the ceremony. Photographers and video people are not ever permitted in the sanctuary of the Church and must remain seated during the ceremony. If time permits after the Wedding Liturgy without affecting the preparation of the Church for the next Liturgy or commitment, pictures of the bridal party may be taken in the Church.  However, there is no entry into the Sanctuary area of the Church. 
  • Flowers are very welcome in the Church. Only ribbon may be used to attach any flowers to the pews. Any adhesive materials are strictly prohibited.
  • We do not permit the use of aisle runners.
  • We would appreciate if your guests did not throw anything inside or outside the Church, including flower petals, rice etc.
  • Stipends and donations: These matters are addressed in your initial contact with the Parish Office, and noted in the information packet you will receive. 
  • A license from City Hall is required for the marriage to be civilly valid. Please bring the license to the rehearsal as we cannot officiate at a wedding without one.
  • Peace and blessings as you continue with your marriage preparation. We are committed to making your celebration beautiful and meaningful both for you and your guests. Please be assured of our assistance and prayers as we journey together to the altar of God on your wedding day.
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