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Submission of Sacramental Records

As your child prepares to receive the next Sacrament in their faith journey it is necessary that proof of preceding Sacraments be obtained and filed.
Individuals preparing to receive their Confirmation must give proof of Baptism and First Holy Communion.

Instructions for obtaining and submitting acceptable forms of proof are as follows:

For those that were parishioners of Saints Peter and Paul at the time of the Sacrament:
  • Please fill out this form and scan and email or mail to the Parish  office Attn: Religious Education 408 Hudson Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
  • Once the information is received the parish registers will be checked to confirm the Sacrament(s) have been completed.
For those that completed their Sacraments outside Saints Peter and Paul (including International)
  • Parents should reach out to the church(es) of Sacrament and obtain a new certificate, including notations.  It should be signed by the Pastor and contain the official church seal. 
  • The parish office of the church where the Sacrament was completed will know what you are talking about and will be able to guide you in obtaining a new certificate according to their guidelines.
  •  It takes some time for international certificates to be obtained, if you are requesting a certificate from a parish outside of the U.S. I encourage you to start this process immediately.
All submissions/paperwork MUST be submitted to the parish office.
Your child will NOT be able to receive his or her Sacrament without proof of preceding Sacraments.
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