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pray for peace

in the Holy Land

God of our longing,

Remember those who wait

and hope for peace.

Hear our prayer and our lament     

for our brothers and sisters

in Israel and Palestine.

With them, we share a common story,     

set in a common homeland.

Make common also a will to forgive,   

to reconcile,     

to make a just peace

for the sake of the ancestors,

for the sake of the children.

Open ears, eyes and hearts

And make a way toward justice

In our war-torn world.


God all merciful,

you dwell in all human hearts

And the Holy Land

is wherever you make your home.


Heal these broken places

where prophets preached

Where Moses and Jesus and Muhammad

kept faith with you.


Be a sure support for those

who work toward reconciliation

And make us all,

however far away,

Steadfast in their cause. Amen 



Prayer from Catholic Relief Services

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