This Week you will see the arrival of our Christmas Giving Tree in the Church.  Yes, it is one of those times when, for practical purposes of giving all of us time to participate and 'shop' for those in need, we already bring our hearts and minds towards Christmas, appropriately joining it with the upcoming Thanksgiving Season!

The Giving Tree is filled with Tags of 3 different colors, for each of the 3 causes we are supporting this year.


Saint Matthew’s Lunchtime Ministry (RED)

St Matthew's Lunchtime Ministry (LTM) provides a warm meal, hospitality, and community for those who are homeless, marginally housed, or hungry.

Mercy House (GREEN)

Mercy House is a family- oriented resource and referral center in the Heart of Newark with a focus on assisting pregnant and parenting women who need a safe and supportive environment.


5 Parishioner Families (GOLD)

Other than some of the material items and supplies requested by St. Matthew’s Lunchtime Ministry, note that all the Gift Tags cite Gift Cards as a helpful, preferred donation. Please consider doing so in increments of $25. The Gift Cards can be more flexibly used by those in need (for food, clothing, paying bills, children’s toys, etc.). We will gather everything you donate for each of these causes and present all to them.  Imagine the help and relief it will be for the Families and Individuals in Need to receive such generosity to help sustain them for months, extending even beyond Christmas.

For those whose situations allow, please prayerfully consider taking a Gift Tag from The Giving Tree, returning your donated items (attached to the colored Gift Tag) no later than Wednesday, December 14.  During Mass times on the weekends, the items can be placed at the Collection Box near The Giving Tree in the Church, or given to one of the Ushers or Staff.  During the week, for security reasons, please bring them to the Parish Office, rather than leaving them in the Church.

In bringing Christmas Joy and Hope to those in need we are showing them that someone here, in our own little Community, cares for them.  It is through such actions of ours that Jesus continues to live among us, in as real a way as He first came into humanity – by His Birth in that little Manger in Bethlehem, a Baby, in need of caring and love.  God would have it happen that way to show us that the love, sacrifice, and charity demonstrated by the Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, and those 3 Wise Men who came bearing Gifts, can make a great difference in the face of such need…

Thanksgiving Blessings to you and your Families!


Monsignor Michael