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Many of us want to spend more time nurturing our relationship with God and deepening our faith practice through prayer or other activities, but wejust can’t seem to find the time.  We are all busy and over the years it seems that we are spending even more time online. Some of that time spent on social media is very positive, but some of it is mindless or can even stir up feelings of isolation or negative “compare and despair” thoughts.


This Lent, Ss Peter and Paul is inviting you to take a break from your Social Media feeds and to see what happens when you make room for God.  Perhaps you will find that you have more time to pray, spend quality time with your family, and do kind deeds.


If you are open to participating in the program, you can pick up a Charity Can after all Masses on March 4th and 5th. Each time you do a kind deed put a dollar in your Charity Can throughout your Lenten journey.

On Good Friday, April 7th, we ask you to return your Charity Can by bringing it to Church or the Parish Office.


All Proceeds will directly aid:

The St Vincent De Paul Poor Fund

The Hoboken Shelter


Our Confirmation students will have the opportunity to earn ENCOUNTER HOURS by participating in the Fast the Feeds, Do Kind Deeds Program. If you have a child currently enrolled in our Confirmation Program, Miss Katie Riley will provide a list of opportunities where they can be of help.


Questions? Please reach out to Jill Draper at who is spearheading this special Lenten initiative on behalf of the Ss Peter & Paul Women of Faith Group.

shut off your socials.

spread kindness this Lent.

give someone a compliment

cook a meal for the shelter

tell a loved one why you love them

pray the rosary for a special intention

volunteer at an animal shelter

donate baby products to mercy house

organize a book drive

smile at a stranger

go to the grocery store for someone

call a friend and be a listening ear

visit an elderly friend or relative

invite someone in need of a friend for a coffee

volunteer at st matthew’s lunchtime ministry

spread love to all you meet

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