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"He is Risen!"
Easter Blessings!
We Are a 'Resurrection People’ Our Cause for Joy!


Those are words from the first Preface of Christian Death prayed at many Funerals, the beginning of the Consecratory Prayer of Mass. It may seem odd to be talking about death and Funeral Masses on Easter Sunday, but here's why it's not: It is fitting on this Easter Day to remember that whenever a Christian dies we look forward with Hope for “the bright promise of immortality.”  Ours is the promise to New and Eternal Life, through Jesus’ Resurrection on that first Glorious Easter Day!

Whenever we celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we remember all that we have been celebrating and praying through the Days of the Sacred Triduum, that lead us into Easter – physical life
(Jesus taking on human flesh, and His abiding Presence among us in His Sacraments, Sacred Scripture, and one another), celebrations with family and friends (the meal, friendship, and service shared by Jesus and His Apostles on Holy Thursday), the sadness of separation (our Good Friday commemoration), and the gladness and joy of the Resurrection (Easter Sunday).

We must remember that any sadness and separation we experience in this Life is only temporary. We who believe in Christ have the promise of being gathered together again.  For us – as other words in that Preface tell us –
“life is changed, not ended.”  The physical separation of loved ones who have passed from this life by physical death, is only temporary.  We will see them again.  Because truly we are a ‘Resurrection People.’ 

As Jesus showed us, we will emerge victorious from anything we might endure during our Earthly journey of Life.  We who do our best to participate with God, embracing the Way of Christ, will experience His Peace as we look forward to all that is ours in the Resurrection.  That is our Cause for Joy! 

Easter Blessings!

Monsignor Andreano

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