Church Reopening


for Private Prayer

On the heels of The Cardinal’s Announcement, which we provided on Wednesday, on ‘What to Expect When Public Mass Resumes’ (see, again, that document attached here), I am pleased to announce that we will begin ‘Phase 1’ at Saints Peter & Paul Parish, on the afternoon of Sunday, May 17:  the reopening of the Church each Day for limited hours for brief visits and personal prayer only. 


Given our continuing schedule of virtual Masses (which must still be celebrated privately, without a congregation), and our ongoing sanitization of the Church, the following is the initial, limited schedule of opening hours (subject to change):

Sundays: 1pm - 3pm

Mondays thru Fridays: 9:30am - 11:30am

Saturdays: 3pm - 5pm

In addition to the summary information contained in the Cardinal’s aforementioned Announcement, a document wherein he outlined, in general, the eventual 3 Phases through which we envision moving, towards the return of Church openings and the celebration of Mass & the Sacraments, the following are some reminders and additional detail in order for all to be in compliance with and participate in Phase 1:.


  • Cardinal Tobin continues to dispense the faithful from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday as well as from “Easter duty” (the obligation to receive Holy Communion during the season of Easter).

  • Churches may be opened solely for brief visits of personal prayer during limited and designated hours.  Individuals and families enter the church for quiet prayer only. No bags, luggage, loitering, etc., are allowed.  No gatherings are permitted.  During opening hours, parish staff and volunteers will monitor compliance.

  • Masks must be worn by all individuals while in the church.

  • In accord with national, state and local health directives, those who show symptoms of COVID-19 or who have been exposed to an infected person are not permitted to enter the church for 14 days.

  • Holy water fonts must remain empty until further notice. 

  • Hand sanitizer should be used prior to entering the Church.

  • Public celebrations of liturgies, devotions, or other group prayer are not permitted at this time.

  • Individuals and families must maintain social distancing (six feet) between each person while in the church.

  • Please take note Of the extensive instructional signage, and that alternate pews are closed/cordoned off.  The alternate open pews may only accommodate 3 individuals, or a family group living together.  

  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation can only be celebrated if social distancing can be maintained and the Sacramental Seal protected. This will be determined by the judgment of the Priest. Confessionals are not to be used. Masks must be worn.

Again, please cooperate with all noted provisions and posted signs throughout the Church.  Violations will result in reversing this Phase, and delaying/preventing us from advancing to the subsequent Phases (which include the eventual return of public Masses and the Sacraments).

Please share this information with your neighbors and other interested parties, especially any Parishioners of whom you are aware of not having access to our various electronic communications and media.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.  

God Bless you.


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