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Did you know?

Our church is home to two extraordinary instruments that together provide a diverse sound within each Liturgical celebration at Saints Peter and Paul.
    Saints Peter and Paul is home to one of Hudson County’s most prized works of art- the Skinner Pipe Organ. First played in 1929, this original E.M. Skinner Pipe Organ still accompanies our congregation’s singing at each Sunday Mass. This instrument has 3 Manuals, 22 ranks, and about 1,500 pipes. Tonal highlights include remarkable 8’ Trumpets, 16’ Contra Oboe, 8’ Clarinet, and beautiful Flutes in both the Swell and Choir. Under the care and curation of the Peragallo Organ Company.
    Our worship is also accompanied by our stunning Estonia Piano. Designed in the Republic of Estonia on the Baltic Sea, this piano features the best of European craftsmanship and brilliant sound. The piano allows our Music Ministry to feature a rich diversity of music in each of our Masses. The piano can also be heard at various concerts and recitals held in our parish each year.

Music is a Part of Our Parish Life

Our Parish’s vibrant Music Ministry seeks to serve the spiritual needs of people from all walks of life in our community.

Our Masses feature both traditional and contemporary music, encouraging joyful and prayerful participation at each Liturgical celebration. Our worship music welcomes the stranger, comforts the hurting, uplifts the spirit, and connects us to the presence of God through the Gospel and in the Eucharist.

Music is provided at four Masses each weekend:

  • Normal Schedule: Saturdays 5 pm; Sundays 9 am, 10:30 am, 12 pm

  • Summer Schedule: Saturdays 5 pm; Sundays 10 am, 11:30 am

Our Music Ministry is enriched by the talents of volunteer and professional musicians from our Hoboken community, under the direction of Brian Walters. 
Whether by singing in the pews with those around you or by sharing your talents in one of our ensembles, all are invited to participate in our Music Ministry at Saints Peter and Paul.

For more information and to join any of our music programs, please email
Brian Walters, Director of Music:


10:30 am Mass

  • Our Adult Choir is made of college and adult singers of all ages, professions, and voices. Singing at each Sunday 10:30 Mass, Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday and Holy Days throughout the year, we perform both contemporary and traditional music to reflect the beauty of our faith and uplift our congregation in song. 
  • No prior experience or audition necessary; Come as you are and join this welcoming community of singers!
  • Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:00 in the church.


9:00 am Family Mass

  • This energetic group invites children ages 5-12 to sing each Sunday at 9:00 Family Mass. The young singers gather 15 minutes before each Mass to rehearse, and then lead their parents and siblings in a fun and faith-filled experience, accompanied by our staff musicians.
  • Coordinated by Katie Riley (


12:00 pm Mass

  • We encourage our High School parishioners to join our Contemporary Cantors choir. The Contemporary Cantors sing together once a month, giving them an opportunity to learn about their faith through music. Students rehearse 30 minutes before each monthly Mass, and everyone is given an opportunity to perform solo and lead the congregation in song. 
  • The monthly schedule is sent via email to each member. Please email Brian Walters to join!


All Masses

  • Play your Guitar, Bass, String, Brass, Wind or Percussion instrument at Mass! 
  • Adult musicians are welcome to play along at any Music Mass at Saints Peter and Paul. Volunteers can create their own schedule based on their availability, and sheet music is provided each week ahead of time through email.
  • Volunteer musicians must be proficient in reading music, maintaining good pitch, and be comfortable performing solo or in an ensemble.

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