Fall Updates

My Dear Parishioners and Benefactors of Saints Peter & Paul Parish –


May God give you Peace.


I pray this latest message finds you and your families well and keeping healthy.  As always, if there is anything with which you think we can be of help, please let us know.  I begin by thanking those of you who have been able to continue your financial and other support to the Parish during these continuing challenging pandemic times.  You are enabling the Parish to continue, and are in my daily prayers of thanksgiving.


I write with a number of updates as we enter the Fall, yet in a state of ‘pandemic restrictions’ and realities.  As our ‘former normal’ life and family routines and schedules have changed, and continue to be in flux, so too our Parish Life, routines, and schedules.  The enclosure gives very important and detailed information concerning our Parish Mass and Operating Schedule, including the necessary protocols when entering the Church during these pandemic times.


Coming out of a limited attendance with our Summer Sunday Mass Schedule, effective Sunday, September 13, our Sunday Mass Schedule was adjusted to: 8:30am (Quiet), 10:30am and Noon, both with Music.  The Saturday evening Mass continues to be suspended for the time being, since the numbers of people returning to the in-Church Sunday Masses is yet minimal.  Keep checking the Parish website, email blasts, or in-Church announcements for the eventual return of the Saturday evening Mass.  Likely, this schedule will continue until Advent, near Christmas time, dependent upon continued seating/capacity restrictions, and/or increased numbers of people returning to Church.  Note, too, that the virtual Sunday Mass will continue to be broadcast/live-streamed each Sunday at 10:30am, for those who are yet unable to return to Mass in Church.


The pandemic and its continued effects and restrictions has also caused us to face the reality of ‘re-imagining’ many things, and outright canceling some.  


Both Oktoberfest and the Parish Gala have had to be canceled this year.  As you know, these have been very helpful fundraisers for the Parish in the past.  In the hope of somewhat making up for expected revenues from those Parish events, we will soon be introducing a ‘Super 50/50’!  It will run until June 29, 2021, when the drawing will take place on the Solemnity of Saints Peter & Paul, our Parish Patronal Feast Day.  Please look out for the availability of tickets, expected sometime by mid-October.  Tickets will be a modest $20 each, making it affordable for everyone to participate.  Imagine the accumulation of potential winnings over an almost 9-month period!  Once available, in addition to purchasing your own ticket(s), if you can assist in taking a batch to sell to your family and friends, please let us know by contacting the Parish Office.  The more tickets that can be sold, the bigger the prize – for both the lucky winner and the Parish!  Tickets will be made available at each of the weekend Masses, or through the Parish Office.  The progress of the accumulated amount will be shown on a ‘thermometer’ each month in our Parish Bulletin and various media.  Your help in spreading the word and the sale of the tickets would be a tremendous help to the Parish.  


Recognizing the pandemic effects on parents, family life, and children’s various School ‘schedules’, our Religious Education Program will be done virtually this year, and according to as flexible an approach and schedule as possible.  With so much more that parents have to deal with during these times, (i.e., figuring out how to juggle the additional education responsibilities of children, work at home or return to workplace challenges, etc.), we don’t want the religious education of your children to be an additional burden and challenge.  Don’t worry about ‘the schedule,’ per se.  It will be virtual and flexible.  However, please do register at: spphoboken.com, in order that materials can be ordered and the approach finalized.  Those having children in 2nd and 8th Grades must register in the Program, in order for them be prepared and considered to receive the Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation, respectively.  Questions or concerns can be directed to Katie Riley at: Katie.Riley@spphoboken.com.


Again, many things continue to be in flux and will change, as we move along with the rest of the World around us.  Our best method of ‘immediate communication’ is via our email blasts, the Parish website, various social media, and in-Church announcements.  If you are not receiving our regular email blasts, please consider signing up for them by sending your email address to Julia Chimento at info@spphoboken.com.  It is the most immediate and effective way of receiving updates and communications from the Parish.  Unfortunately, ‘home-mailings’ take time to prepare and be received through the ‘regular mail,’ the information often being ‘old’ by the time the mailings are received.  Postal mailings are also an additional expense to the Parish.  However, we recognize that not everyone has access to the internet, computers, or ‘electronic gadgets.’  As such, perhaps you can arrange to keep in touch safely with family, friends, or neighbors who have electronic access, and ask that they assist in sharing Parish information with you.  Or, keep informed by picking up a Parish Bulletin from the Church, or listening to the in-Church announcements at Sunday Mass.


In closing, again, thank you for your continued generosity and support of the Parish.  Know that you are remembered in my daily Masses and prayers.  Please keep me and the Parish in your prayers.


Sincerely in the Lord Jesus,


Monsignor Andreano

Please be reminded of the REVISED Sunday Mass Schedule during the pandemic, effective September 13: 8:30 am, 10:30 am, 12 Noon, and of the following protocols in returning to Masses in the Church:

  • Masks are required for entry into the Church.

  • You should equip yourself with and use your own personal hand sanitizer.  

  • Follow all signage and directives in the Church, and from the Ushers and Staff.

  • You will be directed to seating in both the Church proper AND the Lower Church. The 3 Masses will be ‘beamed’ down from the ‘Upper’ Church on a screen in the Lower Church, so that everyone is attending the same Mass.

  • If you are sick or feel you may be getting sick, please refrain from attending Mass in person. We continue to broadcast a Virtual Mass each Sunday at 10:30 am, which you may access via our Website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

Note the necessary limitations and reductions of seating capacity in the Church pews (alternate pews are closed off). Only 3 individuals OR a family group who live together are allowed in each of the open pews. 

The seating in the Lower Church, more easily spaced with folding chairs, is set up to accommodate 60 people.  With everyone’s cooperation, between the Upper and Lower Church, we will be able to accommodate the usual number of people who attend either of our Sunday Masses.

  • Restrooms are not available.

  • Hymnals/Missalettes have been removed from the pews and are not to be used at this time.  You may bring/use your own Worship Aids to follow along in the Mass, and take them back home with you.  Please do not leave anything in the Church.

  • Please deposit your Collection Envelopes/Church Contributions in the Baskets/Collection Boxes stationed in the Aisles.  There will be no Basket passing throughout the seating areas.

  • For the receiving of Holy Communion, only ONE SINGLE LINE is to be formed in the center aisle.  Please keep proper distance in coming out of your pews/chairs and while moving along in the Communion line.  When approaching for Communion, you will receive the Sacred Host in your hand.  Step aside, lift your mask, and consume the Host, then move along back to your seat VIA THE SIDE AISLES. Those seated in the Lower Church remain in place. Holy Communion will be brought to you.

  • When departing the Church, please be conscious of keeping safe distances, alternating pews to leave safely.  There cannot be social gatherings at this time.


Thank you for your cooperation, patience, and understanding, as we continue on… 

God Bless You.

Church Opening Hours:

Sunday: 8am - 1pm

Monday thru Friday: 10am - 1:30pm

Saturday: 10am - 3pm (for visits & private prayer)

Parish Office Hours:

Monday | Tuesday | Friday: 10am - 4 pm

Wednesday | Thursday: 10am - 7pm 

Saturday | Sunday: Closed

Call for other urgent arrangements. 


Please call ahead for appointment, or to ensure ability for safe distancing upon your arrival, dependent on the presence of others.

Until further notice, for those who need to remain at home, the virtual Sunday Mass at 10:30am and Wednesday Rosary at 7:30pm will continue online, via links at spphoboken.com, YouTube, Facebook.


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