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Prayerful & Sincere Thanks!


My sincere thanks to all who were able to participate in the All Souls Memorial Candles. As you can see from either visiting the Church or the photos, this fitting prayerful remembrance of our departed loved ones, was also a phenomenal success. This year we have 165 Candles!  They brighten the Church, as the lives of those for whom they are memorialized brightened our lives and the World.  It is a tribute to them and to your belief in the Resurrection, a reality on which our Hope and whole Catholic Faith is based.


Thank you to every one of you who donated the Candles: Eva, Michael & Michelle, Mike & Angie, Elizabeth, Gerard, Steven, Anna, Soraya, Patrick & Lynn, Bob, Marty, Nick, Mike, Dominic, Margarita, Christopher, Ellen & Julia, Nino & Mary, Rich & Sheila, John, Joseph, Silvia & Robert, Tony, Denise, Paul, Anthony, Patrick, Kim, Kathryn, Mayra, Nic, Vincent, Joan, Raina-Rose, Joseph, Edward, John, Jason, Jeff, Rosanda, Raymond, Peggy, Myriam, Rosetta, David, Vincent, Chinedu, Stephanie, Beth & Raul, Patricia, Judy, Marie & Michel, Geraldine, Laura, Hannah, Ellen, Mary Grace, Margaret, Claire, Ed, Celeste, Casey, Don, Nicole, Rose, Katherine, Madeline & James, Hayley & Ada. 


As I do for each of the 165 loved ones you memorialized, each night I go into the Church for my private Night Prayers (Compline) and reflections, I pray for you, too, and all of our benefactors, in thanksgiving for your charity and generosity to the Parish.  May Our Lord allow our loved ones to keep us in their sight and guide us, as we keep them in our hearts and commend them to Him. 


Thanks again. 


Prayerfully yours in Christ,

Ladioke Akintola

Repose of the Soul of Monsignor Joseph Ambrosio

Deceased Members of The American Legion

Deceased Members of The Amore & Rossi Families

Anne & Anthony Amoruso

Frances Anastasio 

Daniel Anderl

Deceased Members of The Andreano Family

Joseph Andreula

Deceased Members of The Andreula Family

Ricardo R. Arellano

Deceased Members of The Aris & Fitzgerald Families

Deceased Members of The Backes Family

Cecilia R. Bailey & Deceased Family Members

Deceased Members of The Bakarich & Montemayor Families

Cynthia & Erminio Baldassarre

Deceased Benefactors of The Parish

Deceased Members of The Bews Family

Agnes Boss

Pasquale/Elisabetta/Antonio/Pio Buzzelli

Vincent Joseph Cacace

Deceased Members of The Callaghan & Pierog Families 

Sean Campbell

Mary & Charles Carroll

Deceased Members of The Carroll Family 

Deceased Members of The Chimento Family 

Deceased Friars of the Conventual Franciscan Order 

Deceased Members of The Corea Family

Mauro Crocetta

Giuseppe Crocetta 

Mary Crocetta

Deceased Members of The D’Ambrosio Family

Mary Sadie Darensbourg

Brenda Darensbourg 

Deceased Members of The David-Ehner Family 

Pasquale & Carmela De Trizio 

Deceased Members of The Del Boccio & Miskulin Family

The Departed Forgotten

Chris Dincuff

In Memory of Kathleen & Patrick Dineen

Deceased Members of Don Meyer’s Family

Sawyer and Hart Doran

Deceased Members of The Dsouza Family 

Deceased Members of The Duffy Family

Nediljko Dukic

Genoveva Echevarria

Rafael Echevarria

The Repose of the Souls Lost to Covid 19 

(Especially Those Who Passed Alone)

Gaetano & Elizabeth Facendola

Deceased Members of the Faccenda Family 

Steven G. Facendola

Deceased Members of The Farina Family

Deceased Members of The Fernandez Family

Deceased Members of The Ficca Family

Deceased Members of The Fiore Family

Alberto Louise Fleming

Deceased Members of The Flett Family

May Gagliardi

Deceased Members of The Gagliardi Family

Anthony Gagliardi, Sr.

Anthony Galante

Deceased Members of The Galante & Giacchi Families 

Deceased Members of the Gardner Family

Tessy Genekanwa

John Giacchi

Deceased Members of The Gnassi Family

In Memory of Bobby Gohde

Louise B. & Gerald Grieco

Fr. Michael V. Guglielmelli

Phil Gutermuth

Mary and Joseph Hayden

Ernest Hiesener

Deceased Hoboken Emergency Responders

Deceased Hoboken Fire Fighters

Deceased Hoboken Police Officers

Innocent Souls Lost to Senseless Violence 

Alice Iwenofu

Eva & Richard Jackson

Michael Francis Jacobson

Frank Joback

David Johnston

Deceased Members of The Jonckheere Family

Josephine Kardell

Colleen Kenney

In Memory of Melvin B. Kiernan

Mwijuris Kithinji

Rinkanyas Kithinji

John Knight

Maryanne Laire

Ashley Lanzara

Eric Lawton, Jr.

John (Jackie) Lisa & His Mother, Rita Scalzo

Deceased Members of The Lisa Family

Deceased Members of The Lisa-Caporrino Family

George and Lillian Litzas

Deceased Members of Msgr. Neil Mahoney’s Family

Lucas Maloney

Catherine Marra

Pasquale Martirano

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mastropasqua

Alesandro Mastropasqua

Deceased Members of The Mastropasqua Family

Jean McDonald

Clarence & Lavina Meyer & Family

Maria Mongelli

Repose of the Soul of Archbishop John. J Myers 

Eileen Napolitano

Deceased Members of The Nathan & Carroll Families

Kay O’Brien

Maria Oliden

Helen Cecelia Oranchak

Deceased Members of The Orozovich / Ross Family 

Rita Osterman

Theresa Ott

Marie Ott

Lawrence Ott

Patrick Pantoliano

Deceased Members of The Panzariello Family

Annette & Frank Papapietro

Deceased Parishioners of the Parish During the Year

Margaret & Joseph Quagliano

Jeannie Kaitlyn Quinn

Michael Patrick Quinn 

Deceased Members of The Raccioppi & Perry Family

Deceased Members of The Radia Family

Deceased Members of The Razza Family

Julia & Bart Reilly

Robert Reyes

Maria Reyes Martinez

Deceased Members of The Riley Family

Anna M. Roberts

Deceased Members of The Roggio Family

Anthony L. & Mary V. Romano

Deceased Members of The Rosado Family

Deceased Members of Rose Perry’s Family

Rosa Sasso

Deceased Members of The Schafer Family

Deceased Members of The Schram / Nicholas Family

Decesaed Priests Who Served Saints Peter & Paul Parish

Marinko Stanin

Joseph Sweeney

John Sweeney 

Deceased Members of Cardinal Tobin’s Family

Jerome Travers

Cecilia Umeh

Deceased Members of The US Armed Forces

James Edward Vasil

Deceased Members of The Veloce Family

Guillermo and Maria Vergara De Castro

Connie & Jerry Walters

Deceased Members of The Walters Family

Deceased Members of The Wanca Family

John Ivan White

Edith Christine Whittaker

Robert Wright

Gim Ho Wu

Repose of the Soul of David Yruma 

Deceased Members of the Yruma Family


May All The Souls of The Faithful Departed Rest in Peace


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